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Personalizable Footprint Collar TAG


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Color: Blue

Give your pup a unique memento with a Personalizable Footprint dog TAG! Show the world your pet's personality and make a stylish statement with customizable text and designs.



Pet tags are very important identification tags for pets when they go out. It is called PET ID TAGS in foreign countries. In the UK, dogs must wear identification tags, otherwise, they will be accommodated as unowned dogs. Wearing a pet tag has become a symbol of civilized dog raising, and it is also a pet fashion. From then on, your dog is only a dog with status and status. It is not only fashion and identity but also brings you a higher return rate when your pet is accidentally lost. According to the statistics of the World Pet Association, the return rate of pets wearing pet tags after the loss of dogs has reached more than 90%. At the same time, it has been proved that the return rate of dogs with the words "return to thank you" is almost equal. 100%. Compared with finding a needle in a haystack such as blindly posting "Apocalypse of Finding a Dog" after the pet is lost, it is more effective and cheaper. When a pet with a pet tag is lost, not only will it not be treated as a dog team
In the case of stray dogs, you can find the owner of the pet in time through the dog ID number on the pet tag and the owner’s contact information.


  • Material: Alloy 
  • Size: 27 * 25mm 
  • Color: purple, green, gold, silver, blue, pink, red 



This is a personalizable product. You can choose what you want to be printed (as shown in the photos)

Please leave the information you want to engrave (Dogs Name, address and Phone Number) in this format: 


  • Buddy
  • 123 Street ...
  • 123 456 789

You can do this at the checkout by using the design tool (when available), filling in the ORDER DETAILS field, or sending us the information by email at informing the ORDER NUMBER.

Please note that to avoid delays in the shipping, we need this information within 2 days of the purchase. If we don’t receive the information on time unfortunately we will have to send you a blank piece.

Package Content:

1*Palm printed dog tag








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Personalizable Footprint Collar TAG
Personalizable Footprint Collar TAG
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